Zaqqit (The Fallen)
The Lost Angel, The Disbeliever
Fallen Angel
Worshippers: Antipaladins, fallen nobility, forlarren, giants, turncoats
Minions: Forlarren, evil cloud, forest, river, ocean, sun, and cloud giants
Domains: Deism, Liberation, Nobility, Retribution
Lower Realm Dominated: The Unstable Clouds
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Swan
Favored Instrument: Harp

The solar angel Donantes was counted one of the greatest of his kind, combining unbelievable strength and power with a truly kind and humble soul, willing to believe that possibility of redemption in almost anyone. A trusted servant of Gerana, lawful Lady Arbitress of many realities, Donantes proceeded into the lower Realms Beyond to punish a great demon lord, said to be the Lord of Deception Himself, for some slight against his Lady. Donantes did not return, and was himself deceived, losing the right to the name and becoming Zaqqit, the Betrayer, The Fallen. In his arrogance Zaqqit styles himself a Prince of the Lower Planes, no mere Lord scrabbling in the Abyssal muck, and seeks to recreate the heavens in mockery- or perhaps delusion that he could be a supreme being, and not face his failure. Never without his beautiful sword of gleaming light, he still affects the attitude of a noble servant, while being totally his own creature, courteous until he strikes you down.

Zaqqit feels himself far superior to his demonic fellows, and does not tolerate contradiction. His followers bear this overweening pride, as well. The followers of Zaqqit are dangerous in that they are typically powerful to start with, and having power and influence, drag many more subservient beings down to their eventually degraded level. Giants have abandoned ancient elementalist traditions to take up allegiance to Zaqqit, and follow The Disbeliever with fanatical devotion near to awe. In their stained white robes, they spread the message of superiority and self-service like a poison over the land. Individual castles in The Middle Kingdoms and Iffud have been thought-poisoned by The Last Angel already…

Spell Preparation Ritual
In mockery of Gerana’s simple, dedicated rituals, the decadent followers of Zaqqit put together small, though indulgently rich and wasteful meals, and gobble them to the plinking of a small hand-harp. Spellcaster adherents demand their spells in lofty tones, daring their demonic patron to deny them. When the food is all consumed and the spells are granted, one vomits up all of part of the meal and leaves it lie for others to clean up. Noble clerics and the like often have ceremonial bowls for this purpose, or small desecrated oozes that can act as minor bodyguards, as well.

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