Worshipers: Wizards, seekers, thieves
Domains: Fate, Liberation, Magic, Void
Energy Channeled: Positive
Favored Weapon: Chakram
Favored Creature: Sea urchin
Favored Instrument: Waterphone

The presence of the All-In-One, the Opener of the Way is basic catechism to any who possess lore about the Great Old Ones, as one cannot know the existence about the latter without hearing of the reality of the former. As an Outer God, it cannot be said that Yog-Sothoth was particularly invested in the Great Invasion, nor was the All-In-One reduced in any way by their defeat; It simply is, and carries out its duties and desires as the guardian and provider of knowledge about all dimension and realities. Deists and Elementalists call Yog-Sothoth evil because Its cultist are fanatical in their pursuit of their goals, and sometimes seekers after Its provisions go mad, but that is not concern of Yog-Sothoth, more of an aspect of the universe than a distinct personality.

Worship of Yog-Sothoth is carried out on an individual basis or a small cell, often an immediate family. Some families have followed the precepts of Yog-Sothoth for generations, since the end of the Great Invasion. The doathi demi-race were among the strongest followers of Yog-Sothoth, but adoration of the All-In-One is restricted to the elite and the driven- and often the obsessive and the mad. Individuals dedicated to Sothite lore collect books of dire secrets, steal objects filled with arcane power, and seek to enter other dimensions of impossible unrealities, so often a true Sothite is one who had vanished from this plane.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Deep meditation is enough to access the power given by Yog-Sothoth, but one must do it in the prescribed manner: place one’s spellbook in front as one sits cross-legged, and place a gem or a key on the book. If one is in the proper state, the key or gem will rise slowly and rotate (an Intelligence 11 ability check). If the mind is ready, the spellcaster gains +1 to initiative for the day.

Alternate Codes of Conduct
When a cleric selects two domains from their associated faiths they take on the responsibility of meeting certain codes of conduct, lest they earn the disapproval of their deity and lose access to their class abilities (see Cleric and Disapproval).

A cleric of Yog-Sothoth may substitute one or both of the associated codes of conduct for the ones listed in their domains.

  • You are the opener of ways, you must open any closed container or door that your find.
  • You may not keep secrets from others. Upon meeting a new person, you must share a unique secret with them.
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