Yog Muan

Yog Muan
Yog the Destroyer, God-Killer
Worshippers: Anti-theists, murderers, species supremacists
Minions: Dinosaurs, dire beasts, giant lizards, kaiju
Domains: Death, Destruction, NewGod, Scalykind
Lower Realm Dominated: Diyu Naraka (11 layers)
Favored Weapon: Any (chosen at first level)
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Iguana
Favored Instrument: Gong

A well-established demon lord in many realities, Yog Muan is no being to be trifled with on any level, mortal, deific, demon, elder elemental, good, evil, otherwise- all kinds have fallen to the inexorable power of The God-Killer. It is surmised that Yog Muan’s purpose, as frightening as it may sound, is to keep deific beings from complacency and lassitude in their eternal existence, though who or what gave Yog the Destroyer this purpose is unknown. Yog’s desolate realms are scrubby jungles where weird beasts roam, abandoned planes once owned by demon lords he destroyed in aeons past. To be in the presence of Yog Muan is to know the true meaning of fear, and the gods themselves fear this unstoppable force of the universe. He is a true enigma and seldom converses, and no being knows what secret agenda motivates the God-Killer. Yog Muan the God-Killer is a truly bestial demon lord, resembling a 60 ft. tall reptilian humanoid with six arms, six glowing eyes, and a dinosaur-like head. Each clawed hand is depicted holding a different weapon, with his trademark one-sided/three-sided emblem around his neck, a non-euclidean object hateful to mortal eyes.

The followers of Yog Muan are, by definition, fanatical, and seem to form in waves throughout time, like a plague that festers in a decreasingly clean environment. Like Yog Muan, his cultists seem more like a force of nature than a deliberate intellect, and are well known for having little or no sense of self-preservation. With screams of “Yog! Yog! Yog!” they kidnap hapless citizens and sacrifice them to large monsters in pits, in the hopes of channeling their demon lord patron; 2% of these sacrifices transform the pit-monster into a ravening force of destruction with the Giant and Advanced templates. A further 2% of these, creatures are further transformed into an appropriate form of kaiju, intent on destroying all before it.

Spell Preparation Ritual
A brisk cleaning and maintenance of weapons and/or religious instruments, using a whetstone made from the skull of a small animal (these can be rather intricate); typically the eyes are closed and the petitioner rocks back and forth, repeating the words to acquire magical power. Some accompany the ritual with exercise-like katas but this changes from cult to cult. If a ‘kept monster’ is nearby, the ritual is different, with group shoutings and exhortations as near to the monster as possible.

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