The father of serpents, Great Old One of serpent-people, saurians, and secrecy.
Worshipers: Serpentfolk, lizardfolk, warriors
Domains: Earth, Mind, Scalykind, War
Energy Channeled: Negative
Favored Weapon: Hand crossbow
Favored Creature: Snakes and serpentfolk
Favored Instrument: Maracas

In a time when mammals were just small prey of the mighty reptiles, Yig rose to be the god-king of all sentient lizards. Mostly complacent, Yig was content to be the unquestioned ruler, with a noble class of serpentfolk serving his every whim, in turn served by boggard and lizardfolk slaves. When Porphyra was invaded in the Dey Ayun Marek, Yig choose sides and became the youngest of the Great Old Ones. With the Great Old Ones’ defeat, Yig entered brumation, more alive than the other Great Old Ones and able to guide his followers through the harsh years of Elementalist rule and the Calling. Still not fully awake even today, Yig is said to be nesting somewhere under the Snakewood, in Tuthon, waiting for the time when he and the serpent folk will rise again to rule Porphyra.

Yig has a core group of serpent folk worshipers in the Snakewood, but even this is more of a cult than a true church. Outside of the Snakewood, his cult appears now and again around sacred sites, many of his prophets are victims of snakebite that survived after having vivid hallucinations of Yig. The empire of Jengu-Na has occasional problems with Yig cults, which are viciously suppressed. Even Freeport has a recurring problem with cults of Yig.
Rituals are held in underground chambers, sometimes caves but more commonly in great burrows in the earth. Sacrifices are rendered helpless by being strangled or poisoned and then devoured, preferably alive. Many cults have giant sacred snakes to consume victims, but priests and sometimes the congregation partake as well. The parallels to the nagaji people are not lost on sages, but no known connection has been made as of yet.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Gorge yourself on meat, preferably from a sentient creature, then spend a torpid hour digesting the meal. For the next day, poisons you use ignore delay poison if it is already on the victim of your poison. Delay poison cast after you have poisoned a victim still has its normal effect.

Alternate Codes of Conduct
When a cleric selects two domains from their associated faiths they take on the responsibility of meeting certain codes of conduct, lest they earn the disapproval of their deity and lose access to their class abilities (see Cleric and Disapproval).

A cleric of Yig may substitute one or both of the associated codes of conduct for the ones listed in their domains.

  • You must take steps to hide your true nature. You must present yourself in disguise to others or shield them from the true nature of your faith.
  • We are all serpents in Yig’s eyes. You must carry a poisoned weapon or voluntarily fail a saving throw against the poison descriptor.
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