All wysps have the following features.

Environment Realms Within (Arboria, Atmosphaira, Ignatius, Lithanos, Oceanus, The Forge), Realms Between (Ethereal Plane)
Organization solitary, cloud (3-8), symphony (10-40 plus 1 wysp conductor), or retinue (1-6 plus a powerful elemental creature)
Treasure Value none
Special Abilities
Living Battery (Ex) As an immediate action, a wysp can kill itself to cause a creature benefiting from its resonance to heal 2 hit points for each of that creature's HD. If the wysp uses this ability, its death can't be prevented or reversed.
Resonance (Ex) A wysp's natural resonance strengthens the power of its element. The wysp grants a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls to all creatures within 30 feet with an elemental subtype that matches the wysp's, and to the DCs of all racial spell-like, supernatural, and extraordinary abilities of such creatures (as usual, this does not include creatures assuming an elemental form). Kineticists within 30 feet who share the wysp's element gain a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls. The wysp's statistics already include these bonuses.
Servitor (Ex) A wysp is a natural servitor. When it uses the aid another action to assist a creature benefiting from its resonance, the wisp can grant that creature a +4 bonus instead of +2. No other effect can increase this bonus beyond +4.

Wysps are seven races of tiny elemental beings. Aether wysps were the first wysps, born of the same convergence between ethereal and elemental that spawned the aether element. For a time, the first wysps roamed the Ethereal and Elemental Planes freely in symphonies led by exuberant wysp conductors, playing out the otherworldly music of their resonances, but soon the elemental lords discovered the value of wysps as minions, and bred them into new races to support their forces in battle. Today, most wysps do their best to support allies, even giving their lives for their masters. Free symphonies of wysps still exist on their home planes and the Material Plane, though the enslavement of their kind has made them shy.

Even in the harshest servitude, wysps retain their curious nature and intelligence. When free to act as they please, they are playful and carefree, with mild differences in personality between the elements. Aether wysps are shy and mysterious, air wisps are flighty and capricious, earth wysps are guarded and slow to trust, fire wysps are impetuous and full of bluster, and water wysps are gentle and nurturing.

Wysps happily offer their services to kind allies, though generally only elementally attuned creatures, kineticists, and spellcasters who summon elementals can make much use of a wysp's assistance.

Wysp Conductor
These free-spirited leaders of wysp symphonies often have either the advanced simple template (with ranks in Perform) or levels in bard. Their resonance doesn't stack with inspire courage, so wysp conductors often take archetypes that trade out inspire courage or grant elemental-themed powers. A few wysp conductors have class levels in kineticist, elemental bloodline sorcerer, or other elemental-themed classes.

Common Wysp

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