Wind Of Jewels

The Sand-Spirit, Ael-Rashabar, Dirtwind
Worshipers: Desert dwellers, nomads, treasure hunters
Domains: Air, healing, Luck, Repose
Favored Weapon: Shuriken
Favored Creature: Golden Eagle
Favored Instrument: Panpipes

A truly ancient entity, the Sand-Spirit became one of the Elemental Lords more by annexation than deliberation, as she felt little obedience to the machinations of empire-builders like Enor and Grunzol. Known to the people of the deserts and the steppes as Ael-Rashabar, embodiment of the dry southern winds, she was keeper of the dead, and bestower of luck or misfortune as the whim struck her. If the Wind of Jewels called for you, you were best to say your goodbyes- a fatalistic faith, but suited to the harsh lands that she oversaw. Governance was for men, the wind will take what it wants.

The intrusion of the New Gods invoked not just Wind of Jewels’ alliance with the other Elemental Lords, but the raw fury of a baited predator, and the Deist forces soon began to fear the irregular commandos of ‘Dirtwind’- squadrons of sand-buried mummies in ambush, savage desert eagles on the wing, not to mention screaming desert dervishes and elementals whipping coarse sand into flesh-searing waves of destruction. But the overmatched beast recognizes a dominant alpha predator, and the Sand-Spirit retreated as quickly as she had retaliated in attack, and performed the act that gained her the common name she is known by- Wind of Jewels.

Scores of scores of common elementals, and not a few geniekind were abruptly recalled and preserved from destruction in a myriad of gems, bottles and rings, scattered into the deserts and rocky mesas to serve in individual ways in the unknown future. Among the zendiqi people of the deep Siwath, these objects are sacred, tiny tombstones of heritage not for mortal use… but the plans of Ael-Rashabar are not the plans of men, and no one can say the manner in which she removed herself from the Material sphere, as no Deist force has claimed banishment of the mysterious Sand-Spirit.

The original devout that dedicated themselves to Wind of Jewels were shroud-wrapped mystics who cut neither hair nor beard, and wandered the deserts and steppes prophesying, communing with and interring the dead, and often just staring into the heart of a searing sandstorm. Those of more materialistic mind oversaw burial projects of emirs and sheiks, and their handiwork is much sought after by tomb-robbers and treasure seekers today, even to the extent of trying to emulate worship of the Sand-Spirit to invoke hints of buried tombs.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Followers of Ael-Rashabar preferred to pray in open spaces of high ground, focusing on some trinket found in their travels- the common holy symbol of her devout is reminiscent of this. Crude scratches on windswept rocks are said to be focuses of her energy, delineating the cardinal direction of beseeching the four winds.

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