Grioths wield weapons fashioned from a strange sort of transparent material called voidglass. This material is as hard as steel, but made of crystals that voidglass shapers on unknown worlds grow into the desired shapes. Voidglass resonates with a creature’s mind, bolstering thought and mental defenses. Any suit of armor normally made from metal can be made of voidglass. Voidglass armor isn’t often worn by grioths, but voidglass weapons are another story. The creatures (and perhaps other strange beings with similar psychic capabilities) can funnel violent bursts of psychic energy through these weapons on a hit.

Armor: +1 resistance bonus to mind descriptor (light), +2 (medium), +3 (heavy)
Weapon: Adds +1d4 nonlethal for psionic monsters; +1 damage on slashing and piercing

Hardness 10; Hit Points 30 per inch

A pound of raw, unworked voidglass is worth 100 gp.

Type of Voidglass Item Item Price Modifier
Light armor +1,000 gp
Medium armor +2,000 gp
Heavy armor +4,500 gp
Slashing/piercing weapon +1,000 gp
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