Vigilante Witch Hunter

Vigilante Witch Hunter (Campaign):1 You don’t trust witches. They deal with otherworldly beings, consort with beasts, and brew vile poisons in their cauldrons. As a child, perhaps you barely escaped some horrid fate at the hands of an evil witch, or maybe a loved one was stolen from you by a witch’s charms. Perhaps you wanted to be a witch yourself, but the local witch refused to take you on as an apprentice. Whatever the reason, you now hate witches, and have dedicated your life to ferreting them out and exposing their wickedness for all to see. You know that the Frozen North is full of winter witches, and should you ever find yourself there, you’ll relish bringing your justice to them as well. You gain a +1 bonus on Sense Motive checks, and Sense Motive is a class skill for you. In addition, you begin the campaign with 1d4 hex nails.

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