Unspeakable Cults

Unspeakable Cults
Highly unusual, this book is not in Aklo but originally in Common and arrived on Porphyra from the legendary pre-Calling homeland of the Midlanders. It is an inquisition report on the activities of the Cthulhu mythos, but at the same times gives ideas and clues on how to placate or even worship the Great Old Ones. It describes many of the dangers presented by the cults, both threats and temptations, often in terms that officially condemn, but might actually be devout if read a certain way.
9th—curse of the lightless, shades
7th—black mark, greater shadow conjuration, sequester
6th—foster hatred, true seeing
5th—contact creature, feast on fear, shadow walk
4th—combat power, fear, greater animal aspect, impossible angles, shadow conjuration
3rd—bestow curse, blackness, see invisible, stinking cloud
2nd—animal aspect, darkness, darkvision, enemy’s heart, touch of idiocy
1st—combat favor, doom, endure elements, grease, magic mouth, obscuring mist
Preparation Ritual
Hexenhammer (Ex): By expending the preparation boon, you can apply the Ectoplasmic Spell metamagic feat to any spell in the book, with no increase in effective spell level or casting time.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (history, local) checks.
Unspeakable Cults fills you with a zealous desire to seek out mythos cults, either to smite them or to study them. With time, these two drives merge; your goal becomes to first study and then destroy, and this attitude colors your life and relationship to any ritualistic worship. Eventually, your own patron becomes something you want to first fully understand and then supplant.

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