The Mad Maiden, The Vortex, The Whirlwind Dancer
Goddess of Dance, Madness and Storms
Worshippers: Artists, dancers, farmers, madmen
Domains: Art, Madness, Porphyran, Weather
Favored Weapon: Bladed scarf
Favored Animal: Butterfly
Favored Instrument: All

Ul’Ul came through at The Calling as a minor goddess of wind and rain, travelling far and wide to deliver her blessing and, occasionally, her anger. She was happy and unambitious, content to do Her job and dance on the winds. Near and far she roamed, seeing what Porphyra had to offer and dancing on the rainbows. It was during such a dance, during the turbulent years after the NewGod Wars, that she was seen by Kavaphries, a painter-mage servant of Eshsalqua whose arcane skill was such that his work with Ul’Ul as muse began her transformation into a goddess of the dance. It was his greed and desire to control her that led him to use powerful magics to trap the young goddess with the intent of stealing her divine essence. Being confined by magic and unable to move or serve her worshippers caused her to crack, driving her into a frenzy as Kavaphries worked to syphon off her essence. Had her aspect not suddenly changed, letting madness and chaos flow through her, she would have remained trapped, but the wards of the Eshsalquan wizard were not up to the goddess of madness she became. It is said that the wizard lives, held in his own trap, blind and insane, trying to repair the wards that should have held her.

The followers of Ul’Ul are never organized, but occasionally congregate to work together. Usually, the goddess appears to each potential worshipper in dreams and visions imploring them to follower her and she will give them guidance. All worship in their own way, but dance is always a component, from slow meditative movement to frenzied stomping, but they all dance to show their faith and to let the goddess touch them. She guides her priests and priestesses, welcoming both though ecstatic visions, whispers on the wind, and shapes in storm clouds. Those who embrace Ul’Ul as oracles or clerics are welcomed by the common people, who hope to placate the goddess by being kind to her agents. Even bandits leave lone wanderers of Ul’Ul unmolested, as the wrath of the goddess can be sudden and terrible. Dancers who follow Ul’Ul are the closest her followers come to an organized cult, as they focus on the mildest aspect of the goddess, absorbed by the dance. Interrupting one of their frenzied festivals can lead to unforeseen violence.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Nothing pleases an Ulian better than dancing in a thunderstorm, but dancing in a circle, clanging whatever happens to be handy, will do in a pinch. This spell renewal time is also practice time for the use of the bladed scarf, a fairly unique tool of the Ulian clergy, who can often become quite effective with it. Ulians avoid and fear the faithful of Nemyth Vaar, who seek to confine and plumb the minds of the mad, whereas the Ulians believe in freedom of the insane mind.

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