Tungapult (Siege Weapon)
This macabre piece of boggard weaponry is built in imitation of human-built ballistae and catapults, but of much simpler design and requiring much less maintenance. The elastic force of the weapon is a construction of preserved boggard tongues, whether by alchemical or magical means. The framework of the device is a black dragon rib-cage anchored to a primitive sled. Ammunition for tungapults are varied, ranging from carefully prepared spider-egg sacs (which create a spider swarm on impact), plague bundles (which inflict filth fever in a 10’ radius where it hits), (rarely) alchemical fire (5’ radius) or regular stones.

Large Cost Dmg Critical Range Type Crew Aim Load Speed
Tungapult 300 gp 3d8 x2 100 ft. B 2 0 2 10 ft.
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