Tsathoggua (Bokrug)
Great Old One of darkness, indolence, and vengeance.
Worshipers: Grippli, Sikayans, visionaries
Domains: Destruction, Fear, Night, Renewal.
Energy Channeled: Positive
Favored Weapon: Natural weapons, unarmed strike
Favored Creature: Toad
Favored Instrument: Digeridoo

Tsathoggua is a grotesque, indolent Great Old One of the north, that spends most of its time sleeping in the dark realm of N’Kai, deep under the Sikoyan Tundra. His chosen form is often reptilian, froglike, or batlike. In the Calling, the barriers that shut out the Great Old Ones from Porphyra were smashed. Now, Great Old Ones are not quick to react, and a new Porphyran barrier was raised before any of the Great Old Ones reanimated themselves— except for Bokrug, a manifestation of Tsathoggua. Buried deep under the cold waters of Lake Ferru, Bokrug rose with the Calling as a great water lizard to destroy the city of Sarnath in Tuthon in an act of vengeance for the destruction of the ancient inhuman city of Ib. On Porphyra this avatar of Tsathoggua is the most well known manifestation of a Great Old One at something resembling full power.

Today, Ib and Sarnath are just names out of legend, though the ruins are regularly rebuilt. Still, this event made Bokrug the most well-known Great Old One on Porphyra. Historians and theologians study the story, leading some of them into madness and others to become visionaries. Either kind might start a Bokrug cult. He is also worshiped as Tsathoggua among grippli worldwide and among the primitives of the Sikayan Tundra, particularly near Lake Ferru. When the wind howls, superstitious barbarians say that this is “The voice of Thogg,”

Spell Preparation Ritual
Remain motionless for almost a full hour, breathing as little as possible and attempting to slow your own metabolic functions. Then, at the very end, lunge at a nearby target (usually a distinctive natural feature such as an ant hill) and tear at it with your limbs, destroying it as much as you can. For the rest of the day, your natural attacks are treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Alternate Codes of Conduct
When a cleric selects two domains from their associated faiths they take on the responsibility of meeting certain codes of conduct, lest they earn the disapproval of their deity and lose access to their class abilities (see Cleric and Disapproval).

A cleric of Tsathoggua may substitute one or both of the associated codes of conduct for the ones listed in their domains.

  • You must utterly destroy one object of value to you, returning it to its true formless nature.
  • You must spread fear by demoralizing foes in combat or choose to fail a saving throw against the fear descriptor.
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