Tsathoggua is a grotesque, indolent Great Old One of the north, that spends most of its time sleeping in the dark realm of N’Kai, deep under the Sikoyan Tundra. His chosen form is often reptilian, froglike, or batlike. In the Calling, the barriers that shut out the Great Old Ones from Porphyra were smashed. Now, Great Old Ones are not quick to react, and a new Porphyran barrier was raised before any of the Great Old Ones reanimated themselves— except for Bokrug, a manifestation of Tsathoggua. Buried deep under the cold waters of Lake Ferru, Bokrug rose with the Calling as a great water lizard to destroy the city of Sarnath in Tuthon in an act of vengeance for the destruction of the ancient inhuman city of Ib. On Porphyra this avatar of Tsathoggua is the most well known manifestation of a Great Old One at something resembling full power.

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