Totem Of The Old Ones

Totem of the Old Ones (DC 24/34) [cursed]
Moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot none; Weight 2 lbs.
These cursed items spontaneously possess the spirit of one of the Great Old Ones, and vaguely resemble a lumpy form of that deific being. To magical analysis it seems to be an odd-looking figurine of wondrous power, the creature being that of the Great Old One’s favorite animal, the mineral being basalt ie. Tsathoggua’s is a ‘basalt toad’. It supposedly can transform into a ‘totem creature of great power’ once per month, but apparently cannot transform until a month has passed from taking possession of it. Only an equivalent Scrutiny check will reveal its true nature. When the time comes (“when the stars are right”) to use the totem of the old ones, it will transform into a shoggoth which will rampage around, killing everything in sight, for 9 rounds, whereupon it will return to its statuette form.
Magic Items figurines of power (jade frog)

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