The King In Yellow

The King in Yellow
The King in Yellow is a languorous play, authored several times by different authors inspired by the same dark theme. The play has two acts, the first is slow and depressing but somehow profound, the second is otherworldly and ends in chaos and dissolution. It is safe to experience the first act, but the second act will induce catatonia or suicide in all but the strongest mind. The play is set in Carcosa, a dying metropolis by a lake on a distant planet.

This is not a scholarly work or even a collection of myths, the information in The King in Yellow must be gleaned from the characters and situations of the play.
9th—convert foe, dominate monster, microcosm
8th—euphoric tranquility, scintillating pattern
7th—antimagic field
6th—envious urge
5th—feeblemind, pessimism, polymorph, song of discord
4th—charm monster, confusion, crushing despair, fear, impossible angles, plague carrier
3rd—breath of ecstasy, deep slumber, explosive rune, glibness, suggestion
2nd—blur, calm emotions, daze monster, detect thoughts, enthrall, invisibility, misdirection
1st—charm person, color spray, dancing lights, delusional pride, disguise self, doom, lesser confusion, sleep
Preparation Ritual
Despair of Carcosa (Sp): You can use the boon to cast confusion. If the highest level spell from the book you can use is level 1, this has a target of one creature. When you can cast higher level spells, despair of Carcosa becomes an area effect. For each spell level above 1, the effect gains a radius of 5 ft. The Will save DC of this effect is that of a spell of the highest level spell from the book you can cast.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (history, local) checks.
Study of the second act gradually brings madness and breaks down the barriers of reality, allowing servants of Hastur to communicate with and harass the reader. This begins as a bleak insight into the hopeless pointlessness of mortal existence, and continues with visions of grand interstellar scenes that dwarf mortal achievements and finally visitations by servants of Hastur and dwellers in the cold interstellar night.

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