The Dark Mistress

The Dark Mistress
Shade’s Sister, Shadowlight’s Lady
Succubus Queen of the Evening Shades
Worshippers: Evening Shade assassins, fetchlings, skulks, residents of Shadowlight
Minions: Fetchlings, skulks, shadows, quicklings, succubi
Domains: Charm, Earth, Glory, Night
Lower Realms Dominated: Permanent resident of the Material Plane
Favored Weapon: Any light slashing weapon (chosen at 1st level)
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Fox
Favored Instrument: Pipe organ

The Dark Mistress has been a resident of the Material Plane for close to 4,000 years, with the first records of her appearance tied with the Great Invasion of the Old Ones. The Dark Mistress, an ascended succubus demon, holds that basic form; a hooved, horned and winged beautiful female humanoid, but typically appears more clothed, in the accoutrements of a Lord Mayor of Tuthon, expensive purple silk and black samite. It is likely that she was either a consort or some kind of thrall-ambassador of those titanic extraplanar beings, and betrayed their cause at the behest of the Elemental Lords, who rewarded her with a fiefdom in Tuthon, and a domain in the element of Earth. Cut off from her home planes, she made the best of it, building the city of Shadowlight and prospering within there and modestly abroad, directing assassins and sexual sinners in a buyer’s market. What hand she had in The Calling is not for public consumption, but she directly caused the godling Shade to rise to power, and one wonders how much of that world-changing event was due to her. Shadowlight’s Lady gives away no secrets to those who have not paid her price for loyalty.

Followers of the Dark Mistress are open in their devotion, legitimized by the existence of Shadowlight as an economic and military power, and the somewhat neutral position of Tuthon during the NewGods War. She and her minions are very competitive with Rajuk Amon-Gore and his followers, despise or ignore those of Vortain, and avoid Mâl and the mâlites altogether. Lyvalians and Shadelings are closely allied with the Evening Shades and other followers of The Dark Mistress, and help create a three-way network of evil influence. Assisting the creation of a new god (Shade) to the NewGods, is no small task, though the forces of Nise would dearly love to annihilate the whole pack of them. The rivalry between the factions of Lyvalia, Shade and The Dark Mistress, opposed by Nise and her fickle allies Chiuta and Ithreia serves to boil over into internecine war.

Spell Preparation Ritual
In Shadowlight, followers of the Dark Mistress are subject to exhaustive oral tests by high-ranking examiners in the hour before dawn to grant their spells; in the field, a minor form of knife-pattern must be completed while crooning a short paean to the Dark Mistress. Any poisons to be used during the day are quickly created as part of the ritual (+1 to Profession checks).

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