The Curse Of Yig

The Curse of Yig
A recent Mythos tome, collected by scholars at Port Arkham University in the Boroughs of Dunmark, compiling reports of soldiers and woodsmen from the Snakewood and other areas. The book contains numerous rubbings of snake-folk stelae and also observations of various fertility rituals practiced in the region. The version redacted for publishing is in Common, but the original is in Aklo and contains much, much more.
8th—control plants, horrid wilting
7th—animate plants, sequester
5th—animal growth, beast shape III, greater contagion, insect plague
4th—beast shape II, blight, giant vermin, hallucinatory terrain, hold monster
3rd—beast shape I, contagion, create food and water, deep slumber, suggestion
2nd—alter self, barkskin, fog cloud, hold person, hypnotic pattern, web
1st—animate rope, doom, entangle, force armor, hypnotism, longstrider, speak with animals
Preparation Ritual
World of Rot (Ex): Expend the preparation boon when using an effect that requires a Fortitude save. This is typically a spell or poison, but also applies to disease and other things that require a Fortitude save. That effect bypasses any immunity or specific resistance the target may have, including the effect of spells.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (nature) checks and on all Heal checks.
The wisdom of Yig causes you to undergo a slow monstrous transformation. Scales appear, nails turn to claws, teeth become sharp and pointed, and finally you grow a serpentine tail. These changes can be concealed with clothing or magic, and the sense of superiority studies engender is completely rational and in no way inhibits you. It actually helps you deal harshly with the fools that try to hinder your noble efforts.

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