The Chained Queen

The Chained Queen (Arch-devil)
The Jailed Empress, Dark Mother
Deposed Queen of the Seven Circles
Worshippers: police, jailers, bounty hunters
Minions: hellhounds, hobgoblins, kytons
Domains: Community, Dream, Chivalry, Retribution
Lower Realm Dominated: Carcerem, The Sixth
Favored Weapon: Garrote
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Bloodhound
Favored Instrument: Casaba

Ecclesiastic doctrine outlined in The Gift of Knowledge asserts that Lord Sathax, created for himself, from his own will and the generative power of the Universe, a mate and wife. The accomplishments of the two are many, including the procreation of Hadriel, Melektus and Mastema, but this being’s true name is expunged from his unholy book, for a crime committed at least 3,500 years before the present day. The wife and partner of Sathax dared to tryst with the God Kamus, the Lord of Chains, and did produce from this union the powerful and fast-rising demigod Kram-Hotep, Pharaoh of the Freezing Portal. The “Queen” argued the legitimacy of her actions in that their union had not been presided over by a ‘higher power’ and that she and Kamus’ child had the potential to be great because of the mixing of Sathax and Kamus’ inherent power… The argument could not be faulted in Sathax’s logic, so instead of annihilation, the now-named “Chained Queen” would be given her own prison-kingdom and rule it from ascendant captivity. The Jailed Empress epitomizes the purpose and occasional price of ambition, and the honor of service, even to a dangerous ruler.

Many beings in law enforcement serve The Chained Queen, especially those in oppressive regimes whose mantra is “I was just following orders”. A businesslike faith, clerics and adherents of The Jailed Empress are adept at shifting blame and responsibility, all in the name of getting ahead at another’s’ expense. There is a ritualistic sense of subversion among Reginites (their formal ecclesiastical name) that advocates patience and seeking a opportunistic advantage, and their number see the rising power of Kram-Hotep as the fulfillment of this philosophy. A discreet badge of chains on their regular work-insignia marks an adherent of The Chained Queen.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Reginite worshipers of all types carry a rosary-like token, a string of 49 chain-links of materials commensurate with the rank or station of the worshipper within their organization. Spell-casters attach their unholy symbol to this dark rosary, and use in their morning meditations, counting a chain link and reciting a passage from The Black Tome and/or regulations and requirements for the day, and the proper spells. When all of the links have been meditated over, the ritual is over. This rosary doubles as a functional garrote, if made of metal.

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