Technological Weapons

All futuristic technology weapons have a +1 equipment bonus to-hit, and are not affected by anti-magic, spell resistance, or dispel magic effects.

Processed Red-Po Battery Packs: Roughly a pound of high-grade red porphyrite use. (60 gp equivalent) can be processed in an Ancient One machine (or by space-level technology) in a battery pack. This is what powers most of the weapon and device technology that the space kittens and skvik use, though the skvik process batteries out of space flotsam. A battery ammo pack is about the same size as a pack of cards, a slightly vibrating red crystal oblong.

Capacity: This is how many shots, or how much use-time is granted by a battery pack.

Proficiency: A character may gain proficiency in a technological weapon for 6 skill points.

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