The Swirling Mob, Taj the Destroyer
Lord of the Balors
Worshippers: Slum dwellers, tribal humanoids, vandals
Minions: Dretch hordes, quasit flocks, goblinoids
Domains: Community, Destruction, Liberation, Sun
Lower Realm Dominated: Eblisia (continent in Pazuzu’s realm)
Favored Weapon: Whip
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Lemming
Favored Instrument: Conga drum

The ranks of demon lords who rule in the Realms Below change with surprising frequency for there are always powerful beings waiting in the wings to fill a power vacuum. Tajam’muhur rose to power as a clandestine supplier of base troops in the NewGods War, being subservient to the more popular demon lord Pazuzu, who was allowed to participate in that conflict, if only on a limited scale. His name is a rough translation of Old Porphyran, “The Teeth that Cut”, as he has never let his True Name be known to any other being than Pazuzu, quite a remarkable accomplishment. Taj the Destroyer differs only slightly from the rank-and-file balors of the Lower Realms, with a colder, darker aspect, and being 20 feet tall. An odd habit of his is exploding in a conflagration and reforming as a great crowd of multiformed smaller demons, each with a different elemental or magical power.

Tajam’muhur appeals to the disenfranchised, the neglected, the ignored masses that struggle in squalor, lorded over by the elite. He offers the power of the horde, the faceless mob destroying the works of the high and mighty by the simple act of the unstoppable mass. Wilderness tribes of humanoids, from boggards and lizardfolk to darkfolk and even goblinoids flock to Taj the Destroyer when they have undergone generations of oppression at the hands of the ‘civilized’. Leaders rise and fall quickly among The Swirling Mob’s followers, and only a few rise to levels of great power; those that study such things surmise that if a powerful enough cult leader would arise, the cities of Porphyra would burn like torches. Ironically, both the Pyynian Coast and The Middle Kingdoms have had to enact purges of the demonist rabble of Taham’muhur.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Set out the myriad demonic figurines you carry, each representing a glorious sin of violence, wrath and evil. Speak the name of each demon, calling upon its power to fill you with profane ability. Many Muhurini cultists eventually outfit their set of figurines with precious gems and metals, or even magical powers or mobility.

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