Swarm Subtype

Swarm Subtype
A swarm is a collection of Fine, Diminutive, or Tiny creatures that acts as a single creature.

Traits: A swarm possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • Free Movement: A swarm can move through cracks or holes large enough for its component creatures.
  • Immune: combat maneuvers, critical hits, emotion, fear, half-damage from slashing and piercing weapons, mind, precision damage, spells that target a specific number of creatures
  • Vulnerable area of effect spells, splash weapons, high winds
  • Space: four 5-ft. squares (shapeable); Reach 0 ft.
  • Swarm Attack: creatures with the swarm subtype deal automatic damage to any creature whose space they occupy at the end of their move. The amount of damage a swarm deals is based on its Hit Dice. Spellcasting or concentrating on spells within the area of a swarm requires a caster check (DC 20 + spell level). Using skills that involve patience and concentration requires a DC 20 Will save.
  • Distraction (Ex; Con): A creature occupying the same space as the swarm may be nauseated. Any living creature that takes damage from a creature with the distraction ability is nauseated for 1 round; a Fortitude save negates the effect.
Table: Swarm Damage by Size
Swarm HD Swarm Base Damage
1–5 1d6
6–10 2d6
11–15 3d6
16–20 4d6
21 or more 5d6
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