S'sluun, the Naga Empress


Dictator of Valossa, Queen of Serpents, The Old Worm
Worshipers: Naga, royalty, serpentfolk
Domains: Dream, Nobility, Scalykind, Water
Favored Weapon: Sawtooth sabre
Favored Animal: Water moccasin
Favored Instrument: Reed pipe

The convoluted saga of the demi-deific progression of S’sluun is stuff that could occupying occultists, historians, and arcanists for decades, and indeed, does. That she began her existence as part of the Empire of Valossa, as a spawn of the Empress-Regent in the capital of Vsstak’koll. This was part of a world now long dead, the same as begat the New Gods Nise and Lyvalia, and Nise’s deceased deific war-god father Braal. S’sluun’s part to play in that saga was essential, as the up-and-coming naga princess in that diabolical empire that oppressed the desperate people in the slowly-drowning lands of The Serpent’s Teeth. The tragic tale of Nise, Lyvalia and Braal is told better elsewhere, but it was then-princess S’sluun that was the poisoner poisoned by Lyvalia’s agents, and convinced to bring about a coup against her fellows, accessing dire magic to summon world-destroying beings, that hastened the death of her dying world.

Lyvalia rescued a portion of that world- now the citystate of Freeport- and kept it in stasis on a demiplane; S’sluun herself escaped and retreated to the Elemental Plane of Water, and bargained her way into the councils of the Elemental Lords. Her portfolio was that of inland fresh-water, and the myriad serpentine races that were allies and subjects of the Elemental Lords, such as serpentfolk, lizardmen, and the fiercely imperialistic sahaugin, who refused to associate with the ‘lesser’ Poison Wave. How ironic then when The Calling brought not only the remaining fragment of the world S’sluun thought would be hers, but the hated ‘gods’ that brought about the total destruction of everything S’sluun held dear! In the ensuing NewGod War, the small but magically-skilled enclaves of nagas and serpentfolk were all but annihilated, and their remnants scattered to hidden caves and swamps. S’sluun escaped destruction again, returning to a conduit from Hell to the Plane of Water called the Naga’s Throat, seething with eternal rage against her second defeat.

Reptilian adherents of S’sluun are extremely fanatical, as are the few human cultists that become enraptured with the power of the nagas. The main goal of the cult of S’sluun seems to be the recruitment of dragons, which has proved a difficult task. Dragons are notoriously self-centered, and though they enjoy being wo rshiped, the reverse is rarely true, and dragon-cults typically end up becoming dragon-dinners. There is also a few monasteries devoted to S’sluun, located in seaside grottoes, whose monkish attendants are deadly in the extreme.

Spell Preparation Ritual
An intricate kata of serpentine movements comprises the spell preparation ritual the adherents of S’sluun. Dragon-cults may also prepare special outfits for extended ceremonies, emulating the appearance of the great draconians. Outsiders watching these ceremonies have often been paralyzed with fascination, to their downfall.

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