Spellhacker (Taddol Wizard Archetype)

Spellhacker (Wizard Archetype)
Spellhackers are taddol wizards who make up for a lack of intellect with a shameless method of cheating unknown to non-taddols. Spellhackers are most prevalent at the Bardh’laga Arcanum in the metropolis of Paradigm, where they usually pass their classes with few honors, if any. While they technically cheat their way into becoming legitimate wizards, their ways of adapting to the rigors of academic learning are often defended as a form of diversified learning. All the same, there are plenty of pedantic wizards on the University Council who would like to see the practice of spellhacking banned or even criminalized.

Taddol spellhackers do not really see themselves as cheats, but innovators (unless of course they are around a group that praise cheating). For the taddol community at large, spellhackers are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are proud to have wizards among their people. On the other hand, they do not want their brightest minds to come off as dishonest.

Very few spellhackers find prestigious work among the ranks of the well-to-do. Most employ themselves in independent undertakings as adventurers or magic item creators.

Cheating Mind (Su) You treat your Intelligence score 2 points higher for the purpose of spellcasting.

  • This replaces arcane school.

Increased Spellcasting You cast one additional spell of each level that you can cast.

  • This replaces arcane bond.

Spellhacking (Ex) A spellhacker gains a +4 bonus to Spellcraft checks made when attempting to copy a spell from a spellbook or scroll.

  • This replaces scribe scroll.
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