Spell Thief

Spell Thief (Su; Cha): You can steal a spell affecting one creature by expending 1 point from your arcane reservoir. If the creature is unwilling, you must succeed at a caster check in melee to steal the spell; the target can attempt a Will saving throw to negate the effect. You can specify a spell affecting the target to steal, but if your incorrect or doesn't know what spells are affecting the target, the spell stolen is determined randomly from all those affecting the target. If successful, the spell effect transfers to you, affecting you for the remaining duration. Unless the effect normally allows for a new saving throw during its duration (such as at the end of each round), this ability doesn't grant you a saving throw against it. You cannot use this ability to steal a spell with a range of personal or a duration of permanent. You must have the spell tinkerer exploit to select this exploit.

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