Sothite (Doathi Wizard Archetype)

Sothite (Doathi Wizard Archetype)
The Boroughs of Dunmark hold the majority, but not the entirety of those of doathi ancestry, a human-outsider mix well watered down from the days of the Invasion three thousand years ago. Though few have remembered traditions of that era, some keenly intelligent doathi have discovered or inherited connections to the devotion to the Great Old Ones, especially Yog-Sothoth, The Opener of the Way and granter of vast knowledge to intrepid seekers who dare to explore forbidden knowledge. Doathi sothite wizards focus on obtaining magic knowledge, with the goal of having access to the most magical spells of all. Sothites have a creepy reputation but few can doubt their unparalleled access to magical power.

Guttural Word of Yog (Su, fear): Disciples of Yog-Sothoth manipulate those around them using fear and mystery, and the power of dark words from dire forbidden knowledge. A number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier a Sothite can pronounce a guttural word of Yog as a free action and make an Intimidate check against a single target within 30 ft. The gutteral word of Yog can affect creatures immune to fear if they possess an Intelligence score. Sothite wizards are only proficient with daggers as weapons.

This modifies weapon proficiencies.

Dire Knowledge (Sp): Sothite wizards are powerful in knowledge, and there are few magics hidden from them. At each level, you add a number of exotic spells to your spell list equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 2 exotic spells).

This replaces arcane school.

Ancient Awful Tome (Sp): Sothite wizards are bound in the tradition of keeping a dire tome as a spellbook. You begin play with a dire tome containing all 0-level wizard spells plus three 1st-level spells of your choice from your spell list. You also select a number of additional 1st-level spells equal to your Intelligence modifier to add to the spellbook from your spell list. At each new wizard level, you may add a number of spells to your spellbook equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 2 spells) of any spell level or levels that you can cast for your spellbook.

This awful ancient tome also functions as the Sothite wizard’s arcane bond, thus allowing one spell from the tome to be cast, even if not prepared, per day. The awful ancient tome can be enchanted further as other arcane bond items, (magic items called “book”, or “tome”) granting the owner the benefit thereof without the ancient awful tome disappearing (as the tome of clear thought or the tome of leadership and influence). The Sothite wizard’s tome counts as a weapon they have Weapon Focus in for the purpose of qualifying for the Dazzling Display feat.

This modifies arcane bond and spellbook.

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