Small Favors

Small Favors (Ex): The rogue knows how to get hangers-on to perform one task per day for him. Choose one of the following tasks each day. This help might take other forms as well, subject to GM discretion, but can never involve combat or danger. These hangers-on won't leave their home area to help the rogue, but new ones are easily recruited in any populated place.

  • Make a single Diplomacy check to gather information using the rogue's skill bonus. The result is reported after 2d4 hours.
  • Cover for the rogue by spreading false tales about her, increasing the DC of Diplomacy checks to gather information about the rogue by an amount equal to her rogue level for one week.
  • Create a distraction that doubles the response time of guards and halves the chance of random encounters in the area for the next hour.
  • Perform a minor task, such as delivering a message, purchasing a piece of gear worth 100 gp or less (with the rogue's money), or retrieving a stashed object

This trick can be selected multiple times, gaining additional daily services.

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