Shark Lord

Shark Lord
Shark lords have black eyes, pale skin, sharp teeth, and little or no hair on either head or body.
Animal Shapes: Medium bull shark; Large shark, Huge great white shark.
Senses: Blindsense 30 ft. (electroreception), keen scent. This blindsense detects nerve impulses in living creatures; they cannot use blindsense to perceive nonliving creatures.
Natural Attacks: Tiny bite (1d3); Small bite (1d4); Medium bite (1d6); Large bite (1d8); Huge bite (2d6).
Skill Bonuses: +6 Intimidate.
Animal Special Attacks: Swim-by Attack (Ex) You gain Spring Attack as a bonus feat, ignoring prerequisites. When using Spring Attack while swimming, you can move up to your swim speed both before and after the attack.
Animal Movement: Swim 60 ft. You can breathe both water and air and gain the aquatic and amphibious subtypes.
Animal Special Qualities: Brutal Jaws (Ex) Your bite attack causes bleed (1d6).

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