Shadow Assassin

Shadow Assassin
Shadow assassins gain power from what others fear—darkness. Some hold Korufo the Shadow as their lord, an evil and secretive elemental lord of darkness.

Class Skills: Deception (Cha), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (Int), Perform (Cha), Use Magic Device (Cha).

Secret Training (Ex): At 1st level, a shadow assassin becomes a master at stealth. He adds half his assassin level (minimum +1) to all Stealth checks and to Perception checks to notice hidden enemies. The shadow assassin gains darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. If he already has darkvision, the range increases by 30 feet.

  • First Secret: Hide in Plain Sight (Su) At 6th level, a shadow assassin can use the Stealth skill even while being observed. As long as he is within 10 feet of an area of dim light, a shadow assassin can hide himself from view in the open without anything to actually hide behind. He cannot, however, hide in his own shadow.
  • Second Secret: Shadow Pool (Sp) At 10th level, the shadow assassin gains a reservoir of mystical arcane energy that he can draw upon to use shadow magic as spell-like abilities. These abilities work as if they were spells cast by a wizard of the shadow assassin’s class level. This shadow pool has a number of points equal to his Intelligence modifier, and increases by one point for every 2 levels after level 10. The pool refreshes once per day after resting. This allows the use of silent image as a spell-like ability as long as he has one or more points remaining in the shadow pool. The shadow assassin can also use the following spells at the cost of one point from the shadow pool: shadow conjuration, shadow dragon aspect.
  • Third Secret: Silent Shadow Step (Ex) At 14th level, after using shadow step from his shadow pool, the shadow assassin can make a Stealth check to hide, and this Stealth check suffers no penalties for the shadow assassins actions earlier in the round.
  • Fourth Secret: Improved Shadow Pool (Su) At level 18, the shadow assassin can use the following spells at the cost of 2 points from his shadow pool: greater shadow conjuration, shadow evocation, shadow walk, quickened shadow dragon aspect.
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