Scrutiny (Int/Wis)
You are skilled at investigating complex problems and are able to see patterns that others ignore.

Scrutiny Check: When you encounter strange or unknown phenomenon, you may make a Scrutiny check to discover some secret or uncover a clue. The DC of this check varies depending upon the task at hand.

Task Scrutiny DC
Decipher unknown phenomena DC 20
Identify disguised actors DC 20
Interpret haunt DC 15 + CR
Recognize pattern DC 15
Solve puzzle DC 20 + CR

Decipher Unknown Phenomena: You may use Scrutiny to identify unknown phenomena such as identifying if strange markings are magical or psionic in nature. You are able to recognize activity that is influenced by otherworldly powers, cults, or fey. You may not know exactly what is happening but you have a clue as to the major players involved.

Identify Disguised Actors: After investigating strange occurrences and interacting with locals for a number of days, you are able to pinpoint those people who are acting suspiciously or out of character. You are able to recognize when pieces of someone story does not match up with the evidence you have collected.

Interpret Haunt: The eternal suffering of haunts is difficult to assess. With a successful Scrutiny check, you may identify if a haunt is persistent, if it possesses any weaknesses, what triggers it, and if your check is high enough what could be used to permanently destroy the haunt.

Recognize Pattern: Sometimes all the pieces of the puzzle are laid out in front of you but you just can’t find the corners. After investigating a mystery and interacting with locals for a number of days, you are able to make a Scrutiny check to gain additional hints or insight to help put the pieces together.

Solve Puzzle: When you encounter a puzzle in the dungeon that leaves you confused, you may make a Scrutiny check to consider your options. If you are successful the method with which to solve the puzzle is revealed but not the actual solution.

Action: Most scrutiny actions do not take place within the time limits of combat, things need to be experienced and reflected upon during downtime away from combat encounters. Solving a puzzle takes 1 minute.

Try Again: No. You may only retry a Scrutiny check if new information or evidence has been learned that improves your understanding of the situation.

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