Scarab Armor

Scarab Armor (DC 23)
Moderate conjuration; CL 8th
Slot armor; Price 19,600 gp; Weight 20 lbs.
This +1 light fortitude mirrored scale mail is comprised of the shells of multiple scarab beetles and polished to a reflective prism-like shine. The shells of the beetles have been further enchanted to make the armor lighter than typical scale mail. This reduces the armor check penalty by –2, increases the maximum Dex bonus to +5, and allows the wearer to move at their full speed.

Once per day on command, a suit of scarab armor can be used to summon a scarab swarm that obeys the wearer. This swarm must be summoned within 10 feet of the armor. This ability lasts for 8 rounds or until the swarm is destroyed. In addition, the scarab armor helps protects its wearer from attacks caused by other swarms. Attacks dealt to the wearer by swarms only deal half as much damage as normal, and the wearer is not subject to a swarm’s distraction ability. While the swarm is summoned, the armor loses its light fortification ability. As scarab armor isn’t made of metal, druids can wear it without penalty.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, 2nd level transmutation spell, 4th level vermin spell, 2nd level summon spell; Cost 9,900 gp; 1,960 craft

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