Sap (Str; Armor Check Penalty)
You are skilled at damaging and breaking things through an application of force.

Sap Check: When attempting to smash down a door, gate, or other man-made fortification, use this skill in place of making a Strength check. You must have a sledgehammer, axe, or other large, destructive instrument to take full advantage of this skill. Otherwise, you may only make a standard Strength check.

Mechanical Traps: You may disable mechanical traps (by jamming or breaking them) with this skill that deal physical damage through an attack roll or a Reflex check to avoid (like pits). If you use Sap to disable a poison trap you will still risk normal exposure to the poison.

Task Sap DC
Break down simple door 13
Break down good door 18
Break down strong door 23
Burst rope bonds 23
Bend iron bars 24
Break down barred door 25
Burst chain bonds 26
Break down iron door 28
Break a mechanical trap DC of the trap

Action: It is a full-round action to use Sap.

Try Again: Varies. If you fail to disable a trap with Sap you end up triggering the trap’s effect on yourself. For other objects you may retry as often as you wish, however using Sap is not a quiet skill and could alert others nearby.

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