Sadiya Shifra

Sadiya Shifra
Blood-Rose, The Lady of Blades, Sparkle
Worshipers Dancers, duelists, high society
Domains Art, Chivalry, Metal, War
Energy Channeled Negative
Favored Weapon Two-bladed sword
Favored Animal Fox
Favored Instrument Qanun

As long as there has been sparkling ores in the earth, Sadiya Shifra has embodied the beauty of metal, as Bireti has embodied utility and Rabisada its impermanence. Zendiqi legends speak of traditional veiled dancing performances being interrupted by a beautiful, enigmatic guest performer whose revealing dance ends in the bladed death of those who unfaithful to kafir, Elementalist philosophy- killed by the sparkling avatar of The Lady of Blades. Sadiya Shifra seems to revel in walking among men on Porphyra, as a dancer, a dueling instructor, or as a vaguely-recognized noblewoman conveniently disguised. The Blood-Rose belies the perceived nature of aloof Elemental Lords, and spends precious little time on the Plane of Forge, with its smoke and crudity. Patroness to craftsmen, metalsmiths of fine objects dream of her visits. Dancing and dueling are one with her, and war is art and art is war, not the crude maneuverings of masses of dull-witted troops. Commando-squads of highborn warriors devoted to Sadiya Shifra were common during the NewGod Wars, bejeweled engines of death and elite killers that were feared by all Deists. It is said that The Lady of Blades tried on many occasions to engage individual New Gods in combat for the ultimate duel- but few Deist clergy will admit which ones, and how badly they were damaged.

Shifrans adorn their bodies with powdered metals and pride themselves on their beautifully crafted weapons- to the degree that they are often unusable. They are entertainers and heralds for well-to-do tribes, lending a touch of class and displayed wealth to usually dusty nomadic affairs. Even Deist communities can fall under the spell of urbane Shifrans, forgetting their deadliness and even their Elemental allegiance in their glittering elegance and deadly charm. Shifrans are not delicate aristocrats, though, and can run a forge as well as most- though they seldom work in groups or have congregations, preferring exclusive societies and clubs with high standards and requirements. Shifrans have been known to challenge Deist clergy to duels to the death.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Shifrans prepare spells during a meditative dance to the tune of the desert zither, the qanun. Typically, this is played by a servant but adventuring clerics may have a wind-up playing gadget or be forced to hum the prescribed tunes themselves. Body glitter and other cosmetic affectations are also applied at this time.

Holy Symbol beautiful miniature blade on a chain
Avatar Glittering female humanoid in constant dancing motion

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