Rot Grub

Grub, Rot (CR 4; disease):1 These diminutive vermin crawl off carrion and infest living hosts. They cause fatal illness unless cured or killed. When first encountered, a Perception check (DC 15) can be made to avoid them entirely. If this check is failed, the grubs have contacted the victim and penetrated the skin. Once this occurs, the victim may make a Wisdom check (DC 15). If successful, you notice strange burrowing below the surface of your skin. Each round thereafter, a Fortitude save (DC 17) must be made. If failed, the victim sustains 2d4 points of Constitution damage. At Constitution 0, the victim dies. The grubs then look for a new host. During the first two rounds, the grubs can be killed by applying flame to or by cutting open the affected skin. The flame or cutting does 2d6 points of damage to the victim. If a Heal check (DC 15) is successful, cutting damage can be reduced to 1d6. After the second round, only a remove disease spell can save the victim.

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