Ritualistic Obsession

Ritualistic Obsession: A spellcaster afflicted with ritualistic obsession adds unnecessary gestures to her spellcasting activities. Any spell without a somatic component (even a spell cast with the Still Spell feat) now requires one, and any spell that already has a somatic component requires two free hands rather than one. Spell-like abilities now require a somatic component. The extra complexity increases swift action casting times to a standard action, standard action casting times to 1 round, and 1 round casting times to 2 rounds. Other casting times are not increased. The extra focus does serve to increase the efficacy of the caster’s spells. All save DCs for spells and spell-like abilities that have their casting time increased with ritualistic obsession are increased by 1.

Ritualistic obsession is cured by any effect that removes insanity. Creatures that are immune to mind effects are immune to ritualistic obsession.

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