If you are unsatisfied with a feat, skill, archetype, or class ability you chose, you may spend time in intense training to trade the old ability for a new one. Though it is time-consuming and expensive, this allows you to alter aspects of your character without extreme magic or a traumatic event.

Retraining takes all your attention for 8 hours per day for a number of days based on what you’re retraining. You can’t perform any other strenuous activities while retraining, such as marching, adventuring, or crafting magic items. You can retrain only one thing at a time; you must complete or abandon a particular training goal before starting another one. Abandoning unfinished training means you lose all progress toward that training’s goal and all costs associated with that training.

Key Points

  • Retraining costs gp equal to 10 × your level × the number of days required to retrain.
  • Any option that requires a trainer also requires a training facility.
  • When you use retraining to replace some aspect of your character, you must meet all prerequisites, requirements, and considerations for whatever your trying to acquire.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can use retraining.
  • You cannot retrain any feature that is a prerequisite for another mechanic you possess.

The following are the many types of training available.

Type Time Restriction
Ability Score Increase 5 days none
Archetype, Abandon 5 days per replaced class features none
Archetype, Gain 5 days per replaced class feature trainer with archetype
Archetype, Swapping must abandon one and gain another none
Class Feature 5 days trainer at class level +1 or time is doubled
Class Level 7 days trainer must be class level +1 or time is doubled
Feat 3 days trainer with the feat
Language 20 days; non-consecutive trainer, language, or region
Racial Trait 20 days; non-consecutive trainer of your race
Skill Ranks 5 days per # of skill ranks retrained none
Spells Known 2 days per spell level none
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