Red Porphyrite

Red Porphyrite (Special Material)
The physical landscape of Vaar’s Moon is riddled with a mystical ‘godmetal’ called red porphyrite—a variety of the standard purple mineral that holds the Landed territories together on the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra. The moon being the beloved “Landed” territory of Nemyth Vaar, it has unique properties! Red porphyrite has most of the properties of standard porphyrite with the exception of the following:

  • Red porphyrite in quantities of more than 1 lb. grant the wearer that the item is attached to resist 1 to acid, electricity, fire, radiance and sonic, and resist 2 to cold. Red porphyrite typically radiates a constant 20 degrees of warmth, and a dim light approximately equivalent to a candle.
  • Presence of 1 lb. or more of red porphyrite inflicts a -1 penalty to Will saves upon the holder, and extends confusion effects by 1 round.

Red porphyrite is a mysterious element, full of the chaotic energy of Nemyth Vaar, the Betrayer Betrayed, and has the potential for many unpredictable effects. The races of Vaar’s Moon rightfully fear and revere this mineral and research its potential very carefully, seeking an advantage over their rivals…

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