Red Moon Of Vaar

Exploring The Red Moon of Vaar (Campaign Setting)
Vaar’s Moon (or Vaar’s Eye to the primitive) is a weird space-opera setting for ray-gun roleplaying. Full of mystery and the bizarre, it is the playground of the capricious Betrayer-God Nemyth Vaar, and prone to the shapings of His mind. Though it has an ecology and permanent inhabitants, it is plain to see that those that displease Him disappear and their leavings create a mystery and intrigue for the next race to inhabit- the Red Moon!

Astronomical Characteristics
Vaar’s Moon has an eccentric elliptical orbit similar to that of a comet, coming within easily visible range of the surface of Porphyra three nights out of thirty, then moving rapidly into the outer range of its orbit. The inhabitants of Porphyra react uneasily to the presence of Vaar’s Eye, as it is often called, and it is a time of upheaval on the moon, as well. The Red Moon usually has a dim daylight period when in its outer range and away from the Shakhil’s Chair (primary moon) and Porphyra system, but when it is close enough to be seen by Porphyrans, it is bathed in strong purple light with a high ultraviolet content, harsh and dangerous to most inhabitants, who stay within their dwelling-places unless there is dire need. Most living creatures suffer 1 point of radiant damage per hour spent exposed during “The Burning Time”, as the m’YowR call it, and suffer the dazzled condition. It is rumored but not confirmed that wood elementals emerge during “The Burning Time” to pursue unknown agenda, immune to the radiations of the period.

Gravity and Visitors
The gravity on Vaar’s Moon is much stronger than one would expect on a celestial body of its size- due to the nearby presence of the Dark Hole and the mysterious content of the moon itself. Those not born in the system take a -2 penalty to Dexterity while visiting Vaar’s Moon; spells and effects like feather fall, levitate or planar adaptation negate this penalty for the duration of the spell. This phenomenon also affects kinetic missile weapons, imposing a -1 penalty to-hit for thrown and fired missile weapons.

Trade and Currency
The trade standard among the m’YowR and, curiously enough, the space-dwelling skvik, are processed red porphyrite crystals, known as ‘porphyrite rocks’ or “p-roks”. Even the cosmos-travelling xenarthan recognize their value, as a minimum of 12 p-roks can be easily adapted to make a standard energy weapon power cartridge (battery ammo pack, see Cat Toys), with a DC 15 Knowledge (engineering) check. Each p-rok so engineered lowers the check by 1, to a minimum of. 10. Though planet-dwellers from Porphyra might raise an eyebrow at the color of p-roks, they have the same value and function there are porphyrite flake, 5 gp equivalent. Lesser exchange commodities include the “feather”, which is a small raven feather encased in Vaarian cactus sap (1 gp equivalent) and the half-feather (1 sp). These currencies are used for exchange of goods and services provided by the m’YowR themselves, apart from the tech-created.
P-roks can be directly fed into “ancient one” manufacturing machines, and with a DC 10 + 1d4 Knowledge (engineering) check, receive the requested technological item.

It is likely that space kittens would be fascinated by metallic currency and gems from Porphyra, to the point where they would bat them around and become absorbed in various games of quick invention, ignoring those that brought them from the surface…

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