Ranseur Of Conviction

Ranseur of Conviction (DC 28)
Moderate evocation; CL 13th
Slot weapon ; Price 55,810 gp; Weight 12 lbs.
This adamantine +1 flaming burst ranseur is emblazoned with magical runes, and counts an icon of faith for the purposes of casting divine spells. At the beginning of each day, the wielder may spend 1 hour in meditation with the ranseur of conviction. Afterwards, the ranseur gains one of the following abilities for 24 hours: conductive, courageous, huntsman, jurist, or valiant. If the meditation is interrupted, the wielder may continue from where she left off.
Once per day, as an immediate action, when the ranseur successfully strikes a creature with fire resistance, it can suppress the target’s energy resistance for 2d3 rounds. This ability does not affect creatures with immunity to fire. The altering ability of the ranseur of conviction counts as a +2-equivalent enhancement bonus, making it a +5-equivalent weapon for the purposes of further cost improving its magical abilities.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, 3rd level fire spell, 5th level transmutation spell, 2nd level transmutation spell; Cost 29,560 gp; 5,581 craft

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