Random Treasure
  1. Five lbs of chili peppers (10 gp), 5 lbs. of cinnamon (5 gp), 3 sealed vials of saffron (45 gp) and 5 1-lb. salt blocks (5 gp)
  2. A silver holy symbol of a neutral good deity (25 gp), and a leather bag containing a chronicler’s kit (40 gp)
  3. A giant’s skull full of 71 pretty stones, 1 of which is worth 15 gp, the rest 1 gp.
  4. One dose of antitoxin in a clay jar (50 gp), and a small leather bag of 15 gold pieces.
  5. One purple sardonyx (40 gp) set into an iron helmet, and a stained suit of studded leather armor (25 gp)
  6. An adamantine arrowhead, mounted (65 gp)
  7. 130 small cloth bags of 50 copper pieces each.
  8. A set of masterwork manacles (50 gp), and a bandolier of 7 daggers (15 gp)
  9. A potion of reduce person in a green glass vial (50 gp), and a single platinum piece (10 gp) glued to a buckler (5 gp)
  10. A scroll of obscuring mist (divine) (50 gp), in a gilded tin scroll tube (15 gp)
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