Ragar's Helping Hand

Ragar's Helping Hand
Level 3 (exotic)
Components V, S, F (a soft glove)
Range 5 miles
Effect ghostly hand
Duration 1 hour/level
Saving Throw none
Spell Resistance no

You create the ghostly image of a hand, which you can send to find a creature within 5 miles. The hand then beckons to that creature and leads it to you if the creature is willing to follow. When the spell is cast, you specify a person (or any creature) by physical description, which can include race, gender, and appearance. When the description is done, the hand streaks off in search of a subject that fits the description. The amount of time it takes to find the subject depends on how far away you is, as detailed on the following table.

Distance Time to Locate
100 ft. or less 1 round
1,000 ft. 1 minute
1 mile 10 minutes
2 miles 1 hour
3 miles 2 hours
4 miles 3 hours
5 miles 4 hours

Once the hand locates the subject, it beckons the creature to follow it. If the subject does so, the hand points in your direction, indicating the most direct, feasible route. The hand hovers 10 feet in front of the subject, moving before it at a speed of as much as 240 feet per round. Once the hand leads the subject back to you, it disappears.

The subject is not compelled to follow the hand or act in any particular way toward you. If the subject chooses not to follow, the hand continues to beckon for the duration of the spell, then disappears.

If more than one subject in a 5-mile radius meets the description, the hand locates the closest creature. If that creature refuses to follow the hand, the hand does not seek out a second subject. If, at the end of 4 hours of searching, the hand has found no subject that matches the description within 5 miles, it returns to you, displays an outstretched palm (indicating that no such creature was found), and disappears.

The ghostly hand has no physical form. It is invisible to anyone except you and a potential subject.

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