Rabisada Redhand

Rabisada Redhand
Entropy’s Champion, The Lord of Rust, Master of the Midden
Worshipers Apocalyptic prophets, hermits, scavengers
Domains Destruction, Elementalist, Madness, Metal
Energy Channeled Either
Favored Weapon Garrote
Favored Animal Rust monster
Favored Instrument Cowbell

The dissolute twin-being to Bireti Stiel, Rabisada, called the Redhand, advocates destruction and ruin as much as The Engineer promotes construction and development. Rabisada Redhand cares very little for the reverence of mortals or the collaboration of his fellow Elemental Lords, and most mortals –Elementalist and otherwise- in their right mind avoid his attention and dogma otherwise. But the Lord of Rust is bound by the cosmological requirements that bind all gods, and a select few have received his mad blessing of being able to contemplate the entropy that all things solid. Rabisada’s chilling catechism reminds those that know and respect his existence of the doom and impermanence of existence, and that one humanoid’s trash is another treasure, a precarious existence on the edge of reality that Entropy’s Champion approves of. Followers of Rabisada Redhand were part of the Elementalist war machine during the NewGod Wars, at least peripherally, scavenging the battlefields and dispatching the wounded, cackling visions of doom to any nearby that care to listen. Ironically, Rabisadans and Meristans cooperate easily when they find themselves together, which is not often.

Most “followers” of Rabisada hear the call of the Lord of Rust on an individual basis, removing themselves from society to wear dirty red capes and mutter mad visions to themselves in the wastelands or in garbage heaps. Some choose to scream in the streets at frighteningly appropriate times, and zendiqi culture has a strict non-interference code. The only formal group Rabisadan adherents form are the Rust-hands, small cults of scavengers and garbage-collectors with amazing skills of recycling and recovering of valuable materials, which they sell to support themselves or sacrifice to Redhand in his entropic name.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Ideally, a Rabisadan preparing spells would have two metal objects in an advanced state of rust decay and rub them together whilst chanting divinatory koans, watching the red flakes fall in patterns that give hints to events in the entropic future. Rabisadans are not picky, though, and a couple of rocks, sticks, or leaves of bread will do, and the crumbs analysed.

Holy Symbol red glove or hand effigy
Avatar A squat, vaguely humanoid form composed of rusty metal junk and broken metal items, with rusty mist rising up.

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