Prince Kram-Hotep

Prince Kram-Hotep (Arch-devil)
Pharaoh of Axor, King of the Freezing Portal
Worshippers: bankers, builders, slavers
Minions: anpur, monstrous vermin, desert and tundra creatures
Domains: Artifice, Cold, Glory, Rune
Lower Realm Dominated: Pyramids of Axor, The First
Favored Weapon: Whip
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: King crab
Favored Instrument: Sistrum

One great evil that cannot be countered, cannot be avoided, that is eternal and unavoidable is the evil of the fear of mortality, the fear of being forgotten. It is this fear that causes sentient beings to build monuments of stone and steel, works that speak of counting for something, being part of an organization whose actions will live through the ages. The demigod and archdevil Kram-Hotep, scion of Kamus, lawful evil god of slavery and she who is now The Chained Queen, dominates the nuances of that part of sentients that toil to be remembered, to foolishly believe that their physical works count for something. Certainly the vast Twilight Pyramid, the capital, center, and name of his great frosty necropolis on the outskirts of Hell is Kram-Hotep’s personal vanity, seeking the approval of his god-father and to somehow impress his infernal cousins. Certainly what Kram-Hotep has done to impress his demifather and liege Sathax is well-guarded and a whole new discipline of devilish behaviour. Differing in method from most devils, Kram-Hotep seeks not souls but slaves, workers to expand the Twilight Pyramid and build new, pointless monuments. Kram-Hotep’s appearance is reminiscent of crabs, spiders, and other arthropods, though his vestments are beyond costly and he wields a magical steel whip.

Kram-Hotep’s cult is powerful, widespread and industrious, and is rising quickly in popularity among the Oliti River anpur who build and live in the City of Tombs. Hotepites wear red scale armor and carry a nasty assortment of whips, often with magical powers. They are notorious for aggressive recruiting, promising gold, weapons, and joining a grand crusade against poverty and chaos; if the cultists have access through spells or items they will usually send recruits to Axor via plane shift. Those devious and strong enough will join the recruitment team or maintain Hotepite strongholds, which often double as mine heads.

Spell Preparation Ritual
The pyramidal unholy symbol of Kram-Hotep has movable parts inscribed with arcane sigils, and Hotepites rotate them, hoping to discover the combination that will grant them access to Axor, while exhorting the Lord of the Twilight Pyramid to grant them their spells. There is a 2% chance per day of discovering a word of power, which will grant +1 to the save DC of the first spell cast that day.

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