Primordial Magic

Primal Magic (Ex):You have learned some of the raw, primitive magic of the shamans and tribal wise ones. Select a magic item body slot from the following list: body, chest, feet, hands, legs, shoulders, wrists. When you prepare your spells for the day, you may select one spell of a level no higher than half the highest level spell you can cast, and mark your body with sigils for that spell in special oils or paints. As long as you do not have a magic item in that slot, you may cast the selected spell once per day without it counting against your total spells per day. You must meet all the spells requirements to cast it. If you wear a magic item in the slot at any time after preparing spells, you lose the ability to cast the spell until the next time you prepare spells. You may select this magic discovery more than once. Each time it applies to a different magic item slot.

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