Pricing Poison

Pricing Poisons
Most poisons in the game were prohibitively expensive. The Porphyra Roleplaying Game has one class that regular uses poison, and two others that could use poison fairly regular. Poison in Porphyra needs to be accessible by player characters. A new funding model needs to be created for the cost of poison. This is my current suggestion.

Price: Poison DC x track x method x duration x cure x end state

Track: Each poison now affects one ability score track (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha). Some abilities are more detrimental to affect in combat.

  • Int, Cha = x1
  • Str, Dex, Wis = x2
  • Con = x3

Method: Poisons have four different methods of categories: contact, ingested, inhaled, or injury. The modifiers for these should be based upon how far the user can be from the victim (or the time of delivery).

  • Injury = x1
  • Inhaled (5 ft.)= x2
  • Ingested, contact, inhaled (10 ft.) = x3
  • Ingested (with an onset time of 10 minutes) = x4

Duration: Durations are usually listed in rounds or minutes. Poison that takes minutes to affect its target give them a much greater opportunity to seek help. The default duration is 1/round for 4 rounds. These are the most common.

  • 1/round for 4 rounds = x1
  • 1/round for 6 rounds = x2
  • 1/minute for 4 minutes = x1/2
  • 1/minute for 6 minutes = x1

Cure: The default cure for a poison is 1 save (x1). Increasing the number of saves or making the save consecutive increase this multiplier by one for each increase.

End State: The end state for most poisons is death. If the end state is less than death or unconscious the modifier is (x1/2) or (x2 to x4) if the effect track is shortened to death.

Then round your poison price to the nearest 10.

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