Poison Wave

Poison Wave


Ur-lord of the Undines, Kini’pala, Foulstorm
Worshipers: Aquatic humanoids, explorers, pirates
Domains: Retribution, Travel, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon: Harpoon
Favored Animal: Marlin
Favored Instrument: None

At one time, all of the vast oceans of Porphyra were the realm of Poison Wave, though it is not thought that he is as primordial as The Ice Tyrant. There is certainly a strong connection between the Elemental Lord and the undine race, more so even than that with the marids of geniekind, few of which could be brought to heel by the orders of the Foulstorm. This lack of total domination made Poison Wave a lesser light in the councils of the Elemental Lords, though he had ultimate power among the undines and other icthyoid races of the ocean such as locathah, ulat-kini, and ceratoidi. Indeed, also, the beasts of the ocean, to the extent that they could, obeyed Poison Wave, and so a cool alliance pervaded between him and the other Elemental Lords, who needed safe passage upon the seas, and some of the ocean’s bounty.

During the NewGod Wars, the seas were largely denied the Deist forces, with the combined naval power of The Ice Tyrant’s giant-crewed ships and Poison Wave’s aquatic troops and beasts- it was only the Deist domination of the air that created a sort of detente in that area, until the defeat of the ice giant navy at the Battle of Sharia. Then, a coalition of the forces of the risen goddess Chiuta and her New God allies Ithreia and Veiloaria wrested power from Poison Wave by negotiating new patronages from the mammals and reptiles of the sea, and through brute force attacks on his center of influence, the Rainbow Isles. Poison Wave’s ultimate fate is only hinted at, either being confined in deathlike sleep at the bottom of the sea, in a dark benthic trench, or cast into the cold outer void, unable to influence matters on the Material.

Isolated islands in the Lost Sea still hide decadent tribes that worship Poison Wave, often by the Old Porphyra-Aquan pidgin title Kini’pala. Many have fallen to cannibalism and extreme xenophobia, and even hardened pirates avoid them. Some of those same pirates do homage to Foulstorm, in acts more reminiscent of propitiation than worship, to avoid destruction on the sea and beseech for economic success. As for aquatic races, worship of Poison Wave is not as widespread as the surface dwellers would have one think, mostly due to the diligent works of Ithreia and Nise, when the latter can be bothered. Even the evil sea races demand proof of power delivered, but will readily follow if it is given.

Spell Preparation Ritual
A complex seasonal rite is performed by both island primitives and seaborne pirates, and it is the task of those ritually scarred in Foulstorm’s name to remember the precise procedure for each, or be eaten/thrown overboard. Drums, chanting, consumption of fluids, and manipulation of tokens all have a place within the intricate procedure-some say of releasing Poison Wave from his prison, wherever that may be. The summoning forth of foul beasts and aberrations to consume sacrifices or defend the faithful has been rumored, but that may just be successful training, not Foulstorm’s attention.

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