The following planes exist within the Porphyra Cosmology.

  • Material Plane (Porphyra, Vaar's Moon)
  • Realms Within
    • Plane of Air (Atmosphaira)
    • Plane of Earth (Lithanos)
    • Plane of Fire (Ignatius)
    • Plane of Metal (The Forge)
    • Plane of Water (Oceanus)
    • Plane of Wood (Arboria)
  • Realms Between
    • Astral Plane
    • Ethereal Plane (Djab)
    • Shadow Plane
      • The Night Isles (Organ Thief)
  • Realms Beyond
    • Abyss (Demons, Qlippoth)
    • Celestial Towers (Angel)
    • Clockwork Perfection of Regulus (Inevitables; Axiomites)
    • The Expanse (Aeons)
    • Foothills of Wrath (Asura)
    • Halls of Bureaucracy (Hevaka; Lyvalia's realm)
    • Nine Hells (Bosch Fiends)
    • Perdition (Daemons)
    • Purgatory (Psychopomps)
    • Savage Rumpus (Ogdoad)
    • Seven Circles (Devils)
    • Seven Heavens (Angels)
    • Wilderlands (Agathions, Foo Creatures)
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