Phase Blight

Phase Blight: A spellcaster afflicted with spellblight fades in and out of existence. Each time she casts a spell, she phases in and out of reality for 1 round per level of the spell cast. While phasing, any physical attacks made against the spellcaster have a 50% miss chance, any individually targeted spell has a 50% chance to fail to affect the caster, and the spellcaster takes only half damage from area attacks. In addition, while actively phasing, all of a spellcaster’s physical attacks have a 50% miss chance, all of the caster’s spells that target creatures have a 50% chance of affecting the target, and all of the caster’s area attacks do 50% of their normal damage. Unlike when casting the blink spell, the spellcaster does not become ethereal; she blinks in and out of reality altogether.

Effects that block planar travel, like dimensional anchor, stabilize a phasing creature for the duration of the effect.

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