Lord of Air, The Forbidden Name
Worshipers: Antipaladins, harpies, tengus
Minions: Fiendish flying creatures, perytons, swarms, vrocks.
Domains: Air, Animal, fear, Trickery
Lower Realm Dominated: The Howling Cliffs, The Endless Heights
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Hawk
Favored Instrument: Aeolian wind flute

When the NewGod War was engaged, it was hotly debated whether the newly revealed demon lords of Chaos and Evil would be included in the campaign. Even the gods of chaotic evil were reticent. Only Nemyth Vaar, the Betrayer argued on their behalf. The Lord of Air, Pazuzu was seen to be a tolerable demon, focused mostly on bird-like creatures and elementally inclined so as to destroy the Elementalists with their own power. He was granted domain over much of the desolate Birdman Mountains if he would defeat the xax and any Elementalist forces there, and he did so succinctly and tidily. Ithreia, the bird goddess, mitigated his power there afterward, and he is much contained in that region, or so the Deist forces believe. That power can be granted to Pazuzu after the mere speaking of his name is something the leaders of the Deist movement would prefer not to know about.

Like many other evil monsters of the air, traditional harpies worship the demon lord Pazuzu. The Cult of Pazuzu connects them to many other forces of evil: manticores, wyverns, and mortal demon-worshippers. Their shared allegiance in the cult turns these potential foes into allies. The Cult of Pazuzu is a mystery cult. The tenets, scriptures, and rituals are secrets to all except those initiated into the cult. Pazuzu’s name is held in uttermost respect – it is said that the Prince of Air can look into the heart of whoever speaks his name. Once aspirants speak the name of Pazuzu, he can look into their minds and learn how to ruin them. Pazuzu will often test and torture mortal worshippers, making sure that they are completely loyal. He drives them to the very brink of their sanity to bend their minds into the twisted shapes that he most desires. Harpies often take leadership roles in the cult. They may take on cleric roles, shepherding others down the path of darkness. They may even become summoners or wizards and unleash demons into the material realm.

Spell Preparation Ritual
An adherent of Pazuzu possesses a number of amulets depicting Pazuzu in many aspects and forms, both ancient and traditional and those created at the whim of the worshipper. Chants are performed while asking for the King of Wind Demons to grant spells and power, and the amulets are worn and clinked like wind chimes or spun around the arms on their chains. The name of Pazuzu may only be spoken twice during this ritual, so as to not abuse the power that Pa- that the Forbidden Name grants.

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