Mistress of Puzzles, the Confounder
Worshippers: Evil wizards and bards, cheaters and philanderers, trapbuilders, dwarves
Minions: Amalgamated monsters (chimerae, crowolves, minotaurs, owlbears), derro
Domains: Artifice, Charm, magic, Pleasure
Lower Realm Dominated: Minosarix, The Trapped Isle
Favored Weapon: Dwarven double waraxe
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Mule
Favored Instrument: Lyre

Demons are, as a race, devoted to destruction, and Pasiphae’s vector on this occupation is the destruction of perception, of the expectation that things are the way they are supposed to be. This demon lord has passed down the labyrinths of time and the rise and fall of dimensions and worlds, and possess a strange mixture of half-forgotten cultures, some few which resemble the World-that-was of Iskandar and the Jheriak continuance. Pasiphae is sometimes thought of as a “soft” demon lord, as she is disinterested in warfare and prefers torture and destruction on a more individual level. Pasiphae is a twisted survivor, however, who seeks to destroy those who fall in to her demons’ traps and puzzle and go mad before they die. Pasiphae is difficult to depict in effigy because her chosen form in the Lower Realms is a bewildering amalgam; her head is always the same, regal, beautiful, that of a classic queen. All other body parts, torso and limbs, are of other, wildly varied creatures such as elephants, snakes, birds, reptiles and fish.

Pasiphae’s followers fancy themselves a sophisticated lot, and find themselves in ready employment to evil leaders as jail architects, inventors of torture implements, trap designers, saboteurs and technical support for revolutionary cells. On a more civilian level, those who want to punish philandering partners or outwit their current ones fall into worshipping this demon lord, acquiring their own infernal toy to fiddle with, trying to find their way into a trap with only one way. In certain cultures she has a legitimate presence as a maker of home-protection devices. For some reason, many of her cults spring up on islands.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Pasiphaeans pray to their twisted lord on their backs, contorting themselves at the angle of a circle described by their twisting limbs. Any devices they bear are laid outside the circle, and a praying follower of Pasiphae can quickly seize them if come upon by enemies. The marks made on a dirty floor by the movements during this ritual can sometimes be used to prophesy the events of the day (+2% to divination percentages.)

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