This reddish-gold metal, shot with veins of pale green, is held to be one of the most beautiful of metals on Porphyra. It is very rare, and deposits of its ore, which closely resembles the processed metal, are found in three places; the sunken island of Toril, in the Seven Principalities, the Monolith of Californ, central to that thick jungle, and on the slopes of certain seamounts in the Isles of the Maenads. Though native to Porphyra, it is coveted by the New Gods that came to that Patchwork Planet, and has properties based on that deific favor. When spells are cast upon weapons or armor made of a significant amount of orichalcum, they gain a +1 material bonus to hit and damage for weapons or +1 material bonus for armor. Orichalcum is used in other capacities, such as for ecclesiastical currency minted and exchanged between churches and congregations. Such money glows faintly and emits a pleasant (or discordant) hum appropriate to the deity it is minted for, when any spell effect is cast upon it. If enough orichalcum is part of the construction of a building such as a temple, ie. A pillar, wall or floor sheeting. Simple spells and domain spells cast in its presence are at +1 caster level, and some temples will inscribe their catechism or laws on such objects. Zendiqi and other Elementalists find the metal odious and disgusting and destroy any quantity they find of it.

Type of Orichalcum Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition/coin +60 gp per missile/coin
Light Armor +5,000 gp
Medium Armor +15,000 gp
Heavy Armor +30,000 gp
Weapon +3,000 gp

A room, pillar or wall of orichalcum would yield around 25,000 gp worth of the material. Orichalcum weighs as much as steel and has hardness 9.

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